Infrared Thermography

Digital infrared Thermal Imaging or Thermography is a diagnostic technique that is non-invasive and involves no exposure to radiation. During an exam, a DITI camera is used to capture images, called thermograms. These thermographic images are taken by our trained clinical thermographers here at Thermal Imaging of Morton who then submit them to a thermologist. These are medical doctors who are Board certified and trained by the American College of Clinical Thermology (ACCT) who interpret the thermal images for abnormal heat patterns and asymmetries. 

How We Can Help You

Fully Body


Images taken of the whole body individually for a more complete analysis of the source of your pain and inflammation. 



Images of the breast region are taken completely PRIVATE and SAFE for women of all age to be proactive in their  breast health.

Breast thermography does not replace mammography or ultrasound and mammography or ultrasound does not replace breast thermography. These diagnostic tests complement each other. 



Thermography is able to detect possible underlying dental issues that if left untreated can develop into subclinical infections, chronic inflammation and chronic diseases. 


Focal hypothermia over T1/T2 evident on autoimmune patients.



Have thyroid issues? MONITOR your thyroid activity level.