Fees & Forms


Please click on the appointment type that you have chosen and your forms will appear.  Please print them out then complete them and bring them with you when you come for your appointment. 

Also, please print our preparation sheet and follow the guidelines before the day of your appointment:

Full Body Scan

Full Body (Female) : 60 min. appointment

Full Body (Male) :60 min. appointment              $385 

     head, breast/chest, back, abdomen,
     upper  and lower extremities                        

Regions of Interest (ROI)

Region of Interest: (ROI) 30 min. appointment    $150/region
Choose one of the following:



Lower extremities

Upper extremities

2 ROI or Half Body:  45 min. appointment        $305

Breast Thermography

Breast Screening: 30 min. appointment              $150/visit

To establilsh a baseline requires 2 appointments, 3 mos. apart   

Breast & ROI: 30 min. appointment                   $250

Includes Breast and your choice of a Region of Interest 

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field


Individual Session

60 Minute PEMF session - $80

30 Minutes PEMF session - $40

Packages We Offer!

10, 60 minutes sessions - $650

10, 30 minute sessions - $350

Introductory Package

If it is your first time utilizing our PEMF services we offer an introductory package that consists of 3, 60 minute PEMF sessions for only $99!



Individual Sessions

Oxygen Mask          $75

15  minute  LiveO2 Adaptive Contrast Therapy with biking  $35

Packages We Offer!

Package of 5 Sessions                    $160

Package of 10 Sessions                  $300

United Breast Cancer Foundation

The  The United Breast Cancer Foundation is now offering financial assistance for thermography exams.  Click on the button to apply today!