What is LiveO2?

LiveO2 - EWOT

What is LiveO2? 

​LiveO2 is Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT). Similar to hyperbaric but at a fraction of the cost and significantly less time. While exercising for an average of 15 minutes, you are breathing through a mask that is giving you either oxygen rich air (90% oxygen) or oxygen depleted air (14% oxygen, 11,000 feet altitude). To give some context, we are currently breathing around 20% oxygen and those at higher altitudes are breathing even less. The power in this adaptive contrast approach is the building of pressure within the cardiovascular system. Using this pressure you are able to push past those places in the capillaries that are “bottled necked” due to inflammation, trauma or injury and are not allowing oxygenated cells through. When this happens the cells in those areas within the cardiovascular system turn hypoxic, meaning they are no longer accepting oxygen. They lose their charge (think of your cells as a battery), become sick and eventually die off without being able to create new healthy cells. Like a plumber pushing through a clogged drain, the pressure you build in LiveO2 pushes through restoring oxygenation. As you exercise you are getting your heart to pump faster which gets oxygen to the cells quicker. 

What does a 15 minute workout look like?
​During the 15 minute session we are working on getting oxygen into your body as well as getting your heart rate up. Switching back and forth between oxygen rich air and altitude air. When we switch to altitude air we are essentially creating a deficiency of oxygen so that when we flood your system with the 90% oxygen you are able to uptake the oxygen better and open cardiovascular capillaries, giving cells the oxygen they need to be healthy. Not only are you getting oxygen contrast but you are also getting all the benefits of exercise in a controlled healthy environment. Due to the detox ability one can experience while using LiveO2, exercise is going to help minimize the negative effects by engaging two of our body's most important forms of toxin elimination, the lymphatic system and skin (sweating).


Why Use LiveO2? 

• Increase energy

• Improve memory and processing speed

• Decrease Inflammation

• Improve Immune system function

• Improve athletic performance and recovery

• Boost metabolism 

• Makes PEMF (Pulsed  Electro-Magnetic  Field) Therapy more effective

​We need oxygen in order to heal. Without oxygen our cells go hypoxic and cannot produce energy. Exercise and oxygen enhance each other. LiveO2 is a powerful tool, optimizing your body’s natural detox pathways, improving your cardiovascular system, increasing mitochondria, boosting metabolism and improving overall health. 


Steve lived on pain pills just to control his chronic pain.  He is now pain-free and pill-free thanks to LiveO2.

NHL player Rourke Chartier tells his success story with LiveO2