What our clients have said about thermography...

"My main concern was chronic right hip and shoulder pain. My thermogram indicated widespread inflammation according to the medical thermologist’s interpretation. This led to further lab testing that revealed systemic issues that we are now addressing. My shoulder pain is completely gone! Thank you for suggesting the full body scan.”
J.R. of Washington

“I’ve had chronic neck and shoulder pain for years and have had numerous adjustments and massages that gave me temporary relief.  My thermogram revealed a dental infection and lymphatic congestion contributing to my pain.  I’m so thankful to have found the dental issue before it became a bigger problem.” J.P. of East Peoria

“It gave me so much relief and peace of mind when my breast thermography scan came back as “low risk.” D.E. of Eureka   

"Sue was very respectful of my privacy and did well to inform me of each shooting."  

"Thank you! All of the ladies were wonderful and made it a very comfortable experience." Anonymous Satisfied Client  

"Highly recommend! Very happy with my experience and how quickly I received my results. Thankful for a place that offers safe options and I will be recommending you to all my friends." Review on our Facebook Page   

"Wonderful staff. Super friendly. Very private. Great results that I get to have copies sent to me for my own keeping and use." Review on our Facebook Page